Novosibirsk Dronologik Kommando

The Novosibirsk Dronologik Kommando (or NDK for the lazy ones) made its first rehearsal last week-end, in the Ritual Boredoom Propaganda Bureau.

The line-up is for the moment composed of 2 guys, who play respectively in Burning Lung and Catastase.

The idea emerged of Dominik Metzger's will to play improvised ambient music with other people. To begin his new project, he choose to jam with Maxim Verrière of Catastase, the newcomer on Ritual Boredoom's roster.

This is not definitive, as the Kommando wants to expend itself as a collective with various line-ups, featuring other musicians that would play with those 2 crazy bastards. Anyway, it's under this 1st form that the NDK should create its firsts tracks.

The Novosibirsk Dronologik Kommando is born. More infos coming soon.