R.I.P (2010-2015)

Ritual Boredoom has ceased to exist.

Our musical journey is not over though.

Most artists that were signed with the label are still active, and you can still follow them :




Galaxial Asylum still don't have any page. We'll update this post once this will be done.

I, Volhv Virvaliekki, created Ritual Boredoom back in 2010 in order to release my work with my first solo project, Burning Lung. As the adventure continued, I decided to release other artists music, and Ritual Boredoom finally became a music collective. I recently decided to step back, and nobody was willing to take my place to run Ritual Boredoom on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it's time to close the chapter. A lot of fun, a lot of passion, and lot of good memories.

I wish to thank П, Galaxial Asylum and Lofoten for having been there through the Ritual Boredoom process, for their help, and for the good music. I am thankful to be surrounded by these great people, and look forward for further collaborations in other Time and Space.

It's time to end this era and move forward. The bandcamp page will stay online the time needed for each artists to create their own. Please visit specific bandcamp artists pages in order to download or purchase their music, as Ritual Boredoom will no longer represent these bands.


Volhv Virvaliekki



First of all please visit this link : HERE

Please consider donating for this wonderful project, Will Wallace is a young and talented film director.

This horror movie will feature Mark Greening, known for this great drum work in bands such as Ramesses, 11Paranoias, or Electric Wizard.

Burning Lung is thrilled to be able to contribute to this project. You can hear the track "Haidatum" as the trailer's background music.

Best wishes to Will and Mark for their great project! Please help them to reach their goal !

Kudos to Zé Burnay for the great artwork !

Volhv Virvaliekki




Bien l'bonjour,

Ritual Boredoom a decidé de participer à l'organisation d'un concert, avec les camarades de Caktus, Poutrage, Coax et Becoq.

Nos bons potes de Barberos cherchaient une date rémoise, c'était donc l'occasion de remettre la main à la pâte.

Ils vont jouer avec ces fous-fous d'Hippie Diktat en plus. Une affiche qui rappelle d'excellents souvenirs...

Et c'est gratuit. Bam !

Alors oui, on est ni dans les territoires de l'ambient ni du drone sur cette date.

Mais rappelez-vous que le bon son n'a pas de frontière de genre. D'où notre participation, pour aider des gens charmants, et qui en plus font une musique particulièrement jouissive, que ce soit Barberos ou Hippie Diktat. Voilà donc le pourquoi du comment.

1ère affiche par Lofoten, seconde par Π :


RBP008: Обряд Волхва : Artwork and tracklist revealed

Burning Lund second EP will be released the 21th June, during the Summer Solstice.

"Обряд Волхва" (The Volhv's Ritual) was recorded in Spring 2014. Composed of one single track, recorded during the "Àlti Lieb Roscht nìt" sessions, this Ritual Ambient attempt is surely Burning Lung's finest work so far.

Here are the artwork and tracklist :


I: Пастух Волков (The Shepherd of Wolves) (21min59)

II: Dunkelheit (Burzum Cover, exclusive bandcamp bonus track) (13min34)



"Honey, I'm home..."

After a hiatus between 2011 and 2014, due to heavy injuries, involvement in Novosibirsk and running Ritual Boredoom, Dominik "Virvaliekki" Metzger resuscitated Burning Lung.

Following the success of the 2 demos in 2010 and 2011, Virvaliekki recorded 2 EPs during the 2014 Spring Equinox, and now they're ready to be unleashed.

The first one, Àlti Lieb Roscht nìt, is now available on the Ritual Boredoom Bandcamp page.

Burning Lung goes on new territories, playing a lousy choked folk mixed with ethno ambient music. There are obviously still some dark drone features on the record.

Shall we take a look at the artwork and the tracklist of Àlti Lieb Roscht nìt :


I : Haidatum
II : Nùmma d'tota Fisch schwimma mit'm Strom
III : d'r Wàrtsààl
IV : Dancing with the Energies
V : Contre-jour

That's it for now... The second EP, not named yet, will feature one single track, a true ritualistic procession, and arguably Burning Lung best work yet. It will be released soon, in may or june 2014...

The Lung is back.


RBP006 (and more!)

We're pleased to announce that Lofoten, our newest member in Ritual Boredoom, finally released her first demo today, available on our Bandcamp page.

Lofoten is a one woman band, playing synths ambient related music. Imagine Klaus Schulze eating mushrooms while in holydays in Egypt, and you'll have a hint about what to expect. Séphora Péry, a talented photographer, formed this project in 2013 and we're pleased to welcome her soundscapes in the Ritual Boredoom family.

Here is the artwork and tracklist of ''TIMELESS PATH" (demo, RBP006)


I : Oppresive Delirium
II : Inpou
III : Psychostasia
IV : To the Realm of the Dead (on the Solar Barque of Ra)
V : Auditory Hallucinations in the Sacred Tomb

You can now download this record HERE. 

Welcome aboard Lofoten ! 

Also, as previously stated, Burning Lung came back to life this Spring. His next EP, "Àlti Lieb Roscht nìt", was recorded during the Equinox and will be available soon on Ritual Boredoom, as RBP007. Probably in the next few days... More informations to come very soon. A second EP should come right after that. Hell yeah.

May you have a wonderful Spring.



We're very proud to announce that a whole new project has recently joined Ritual Boredoom. More informations about this will come in the next few weeks. Expect some mind blowing new ritual space music.

Lofoten, a one woman band, has not yet been included in our "roster" section on the blog, but it will be very soon. Nevertheless, the "Roster'' section was also updated with new biographies.

We're also pleased to announce that Burning Lung is now officially reactivated. Burning Lung activities were postponed between 2011 and 2014, because of Virvaliekki's severe health problems, his involvement with Novosibirsk, running Ritual Boredoom, and therefore the lack of time to be able to combine everything. However, Spring 2014 is his rebirth period. Expect some new sounds this year. 


Pour nos amis Francophones

Suite à la mise à jour récente de ce blog, nous avons également traduit certaines parties du site qui étaient auparavant exclusivement disponibles en anglais. Etant pour l'instant basés en France, il apparaissait normal que certaines sections importantes soient traduites.

Bonne lecture, et un merveilleux printemps.



We recently updated some sections of this website. 

Feel free to check the "Ethics" and "Informations about how we work" sections.

Some valuable informations are waiting for you there.

Have a wonderful Spring.



When you download our stuffs, go for the lossless format. Play it loud.

Bandcamp's 128kbps mp3 streamed sound compression fucks our tunes up.

FLAC will do the trick. Heavy files for Heavy music...

We assume you love your drone with bass...


Quand vous telechargez nos morceaux, pensez à opter pour un format audio sans perte. La compression mp3 128kbps de Bandcamp tuent nos morceaux. Un coup de FLAC et tout rentrera dans l'ordre. A musique lourde, format lourd...

Si tant est que vous aimez votre drone avec un minimum de basses...



Back to normal !

Everything is back to normal on Bandcamp. You can now download our works as usual.

Pay what you want of course. If you cannot afford spending money on our stuffs, love and support is also greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the coming Spring.


Bandcamp news :

We apologize for the inconvienience, but downloads will be disabled on our Bandcamp page for about a week, maybe 10 days. Purchase of physical CD's is also suspended.

In the meantime, you'll still be able to listen to our sounds via streaming.

This situation shouldn't last too long, and of course we will tell you when everything will be back to normal.

Thank you for your patience !


Go back to sleep

You can now pay what you want in our online catalogue.

Check the Ritual Boredoom bandcamp page and smoke up your brain.

We're currently thinking about releasing a 5-way split involving all the Ritual Boredoom roster (including a newcomer), and a collective track featuring Burning Lung, Π, Galaxial Asylum, Novosibirsk and the newcomer.

Galaxial Asylum is currently working on his next record.

Silent and dreaming since 2011, Burning Lung is slowly getting back to life. And he's fucking hungry.

We shall rise again when we'll feel Spring's first lights.


Kultur SCUD

We decided to put Novosibirsk's first album on Bandcamp.

Right now, we don't know exactly when we'll be able to release this album physically, in the proper way.

This record is finished since a while, and it contains great sounds, so we figured that in the meantime, why not let you listen to it !

We hope you'll enjoy this trip in this wicked spaceship.

Please note that the artwork presented here is not official yet. It's just a quick visual glimpse of what you'll discover in this record


RBP004 : Galaxial Asylum's Arène Céleste released !


we're pleased to tell you that Arène Céleste, Galaxial Asylum 1st album, is now available. (RBP004)

We hope you'll enjoy this ambient music masterpiece.

You can download the digital version of this album on our Bandcamp.

You can also of course order your physical copy on CD, by sending us an e-mail (check the contact section for the adress)

Each and every Ritual Boredoom releases are and will be now available for download on our bandcamp page.

More infos here !

Our next release will be Novosibirsk's 1st album, "Kultur SCUD". The album is recorded and finished, more infos to come.

May the Gods enlight your Mind.