(Version française disponible içi)

You can listen and download all the Ritual Boredoom releases on our BANDCAMP page.


When you download our stuffs, go for the lossless format. Play it loud.

The 128kbps mp3 streamed sound compression on Bandcamp fucks our tunes up. FLAC format will do the trick. Really. Always go for the FLAC format. Please. 

Heavy tunes need heavy files to be fully appreciated. Each frequency is important. Kill mp3's.

On our Bandcamp, you'll find a PWYW system. If you can't afford spending money on our works, then don't. Spreading the word is good enough. Love and support are greatly appreciated.

Of course, if it's possible for you and obviously if you want to, financial support would greatly help us. We use the money in order to keep playing music, sometimes releasing physical CD's, going on tour, etc.. Classical musicians stuffs.

We're not a greedy corporated label who want to fuck our listeners and our artists.

We are a music collective, that is to say we're all more or less involved in Ritual Boredoom's daily life. Each and every coin goes directly into the collective, in order to keep it alive. Maybe even to be able to release some great vinyls one day. That would be a blast.

We won't go on holydays to Hawaï or get fancy cars with your hard-earned cash ;-)
We're modern times bards, and we do what we do because we love to do it. We love the Sound.