New additions to the Roster

Heavy schedule to come for Ritual Boredoom Productions. We are glad to announce that 2 new bands joined us recently.

- "Galaxial Asylum", ambient project of the great pianist Kévin Francis, joined Ritual Boredoom and will release its first album, "Arène Celeste", around next Christmas.
Check the "To be released" section to see all the new physical copies we are planning to make. There are good surprises.

Great news... Also, the Ritual Boredoom Soundcloud will be updated soon. For now, there are only some songs available, but soon all the releases will be there, in integrality. Of course, for the moment, you can find all the music on the soundclouds of the respective artists, for example Burning Lung or Catastase. But you'll be able to find everything on the same page in a few weeks.