Burning Lung's EP "Contre-Jour" postponed

Burning Lung's new record, originally planned to be released in the beginning of 2013, will finally be postponed to an unknown date. Bad news for the moment, but this EP isn't cancelled at all and will be released on Ritual Boredoom.

Here are some explanations : I suffer from a back injury for about one year and a half now, and each and every movements are still very painful right now.

I had to stay in bed 8 months and wasn't able to play, and even if now I'm able to walk a little and restart my life back to what it should be, this injury still occupies my mind hugely. 

I composed some stuffs for "Contre-Jour", and I already know how this record will sound. Shorter (that mean less than 20 minutes ;-) ) industrial experimentations, synths related, still combined with some ethnic droning sounds. It should be really different from "Laïka Sonic Disaster".

But as I'm still heavily injured and weak, I have now to choose how I should spend my energy. It begins by thinking about my health, rest, and take care of myself. 

But I'm not forgetting music at all, as I will still run this label with 100% of my heart, and also continue to organise gigs with my comrades of Caktus (by the way, as I said in the previous news, we currently organise the second edition of the Pacemaker Festival in Reims. Follow the link and stay tuned, come visit us in November!). 
I'm also involved in tiring rehearsals with the Novosibirk DK, preparing our future recording and the gigs we will perform...

To make it short, all those music related occupations don't let me enough strength to focus on Burning Lung the way I would like to, considering my current health problems. The wiser decision to make is to slow down my solo project, in order to come back in a great shape, and darker than ever.

Thanks a lot for all the support I received with this project during the past 3 years. Believe me, Burning Lung is not dead yet. He just need to take a deep breath, fix his fucking broken back, and he will be back to make some Occult Noise soon.

Thanks for reading, and take care,

Varulv Virvaliekki