Time to move on

Hey everyone,

first of all, you may have noticed that we changed our URL adress. The "-prod" was deleted, in order to short the whole thing. Now you can find us on "ritual-boredoom.blogspot.com". It messes some stuffs up, as in google you first access to our old URL, but things should be better with time.

So, here are some important news. As we told you a few months ago, we were very unpleased of the new version of Soundcloud.

We felt it to be far less intuitive than it used to be, and didn't want to stream our Sounds via this website anymore.

So, we decided to change some stuffs over here. Now you can access to our music via our new Bancamp page. Not very original we admit, but still we thought it was the best thing to do for your listening comfort.

So, in addition to the Ritual Boredoom Bandcamp, each artist on the RBP's roster will also have a Bandcamp page. You'll be able to download or purchase our music via these personnal bandcamps.

For the moment, you can access Burning Lung and Catastase personal Bandcamps. More to follow !

This page has also been updated, you can find all the infos about these changes on the "Listen & Download" page of this site, and some little stuffs all around the website.

We know we didn't give a lot of informations on the next Ritual Boredoom releases, but don't worry, they are still planned.

From the Cave :
Galaxial Asylum's album, "Arène Celeste", is still predicted to be released this year. You will be able to find more sounds of this promising album very soon. For the moment, you can still check the two tracks available on the Ritual Boredoom bandcamp! Galaxial Asylum's bio to come soon

Novosibirsk is also in the house ! After their first gig at the Boule de Noyse festival in Reims, they decided to focus on their first record. They have enough improvisations now to release something, and you can listen to two tracks on the Ritual Boredoom Bandcamp. The rest of the album still have to be roughly mix, and the RBP005 should be their record. We won't plan any date for this, but it should be available shortly after the Galaxial Asylum release. The Novosibirsk's bio was recently updated.

Also, П is back to life! He's currently working on his next release, and some news (and sounds!) will be available later. He didn't released anything official since the split with Burning Lung, but as promised, this project is not dead and you will hear about it at some time.

About Burning Lung, he's still dreaming in R'lyeh and does not plan to come back to terrorize you for the moment. Virvaliekki is currently focused with Novosibirsk, and we remind you that the EP "Contre Jour" has been postponed to a undefined date.

Thanks for reading,

Ritual Boredoom Propaganda Office