Spring Cleaning

Spring is back my friends !

This blog has been updated and cleaned a little.

The "Catalogue" section is now more ergonomic, the "Listen /Download / Purchase" section has been updated with very important infos, and many more details have been improved all over this whole website.

We hope you will enjoy your visit here.

You can also notice that we changed the pictures, in order to have a brighter ambiance.

Some infos about our artists:

- Galaxial Asylum album is still not available... We're really sorry about the delay, we wanted to release it this winter, ans it sucks not to have this masterpiece available for you yet.

We currently have some problems with the artwork of this album. As soon as we will have it, the record will be available. That is to say, we hope it will be very soon.

- Novosibirsk will release its first album very soon after the Galaxial Asylum record.
It will be a five pieces Ambient album, called ''Kultur SCUD"

- Burning Lung should come back sooner than planned. As you know, this project is currently on ice and inactive. This come back, however, will be under an other name and under another perspective... More infos will come this year, about the new name, and the plans of Burning Lung about its brighter future.

Enjoy the return of the mighy Sun. May Baldr and Sunna enlight you.