R.I.P (2010-2015)

Ritual Boredoom has ceased to exist.

Our musical journey is not over though.

Most artists that were signed with the label are still active, and you can still follow them :




Galaxial Asylum still don't have any page. We'll update this post once this will be done.

I, Volhv Virvaliekki, created Ritual Boredoom back in 2010 in order to release my work with my first solo project, Burning Lung. As the adventure continued, I decided to release other artists music, and Ritual Boredoom finally became a music collective. I recently decided to step back, and nobody was willing to take my place to run Ritual Boredoom on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it's time to close the chapter. A lot of fun, a lot of passion, and lot of good memories.

I wish to thank П, Galaxial Asylum and Lofoten for having been there through the Ritual Boredoom process, for their help, and for the good music. I am thankful to be surrounded by these great people, and look forward for further collaborations in other Time and Space.

It's time to end this era and move forward. The bandcamp page will stay online the time needed for each artists to create their own. Please visit specific bandcamp artists pages in order to download or purchase their music, as Ritual Boredoom will no longer represent these bands.


Volhv Virvaliekki