Country of Origin :  France/Germany

Current Location :  Reims, France

Year of Creation :  2012

Genre :  Cosmic Noise / Ritual Ambient

Status :  On hold

Discography :

2013 : Kultur SCUD

Member(s) :

Volhv Virvaliekki (see also Burning Lung) : Synths, Effects, Samples
Kan Verfsniic (see also Galaxial Asylum) : Guitars, Effects

Past Members :

Maxim Verrière : Guitars

Biography :

Novosibirsk was born in the coldest period of year 2012, from Virvaliekki's will to ally with some comrades, after putting Burning Lung on ice.

The main idea was to create an ambient collective, of variable geometry, performing disturbing and gloomy improvisations. Chaos. A true Ode to Cosmos, Rust, and Tireness.

Kan Verfsniic (Galaxial Asylum) joined Virvaliekki soon after, to become a core member of this Siberian Sonic Hydra, now playing as a stable duo.

They quickly (yeah, they can also be fast) recorded various improvisations, and performed live in the great Boule de Noyse festival, in Reims, France (December 2012). 

For this special occasion, Novosibirsk played on an accousmonium of 24 speakers, placed all around the audience, to increase the powerful and psychedelic sides of their Sound. This collaboration with Hubert Michel, taking care of their sound, was the true beginning of this bicephalous Sonic Wall.

Here is the accousmonium after the gig. Imagine all this shit placed all around you. No escape !

The crew recorded enough improvisations to prepare their first album. It was released in 2013.

Two tracks, "Kinderheim 511" and "Elekrik Staretz", already figure in some great compilations. These 2 tracks were recorded with the collaboration of former Ritual Boredoom artist, Maxim Verrière (Catastase).

Novosibirsk was at first meant to be called Novosibirsk Dronologik Kommando. But as nobody would ever try to pronounce that name, they skipped the Dronologik Kommando's part. Such a shame, it sounded cool.